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WebYeshiva.org – The first fully interactive, online Yeshiva and Midrasha for Jewish study.


WebYeshiva.org is the world’s first fully-interactive Torah study program on the web. WebYeshiva.org uses the latest video-conferencing technology to offer real-time, interactive classes taught by outstanding Rabbis and teachers. With a round-the-clock schedule of classes on a variety of different subjects and levels, anyone with access to the internet can enter the world of online Torah learning. For those who can’t attend live or want to review between classes, everything is recorded and available in the archives.

WebYeshiva.org was launched  in November 2007 by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, a veteran Rosh Yeshiva with many years of teaching experience, who recognized that not everyone has the luxury of spending time in a “real” Beit Midrash or Yeshiva so easily. His dream was to make Torah accessible to Jews all over the world and to help them improve their learning skills in an interactive classroom environment, using the latest internet technology. WebYeshiva.org offers live, growth-oriented, cumulative courses for serious students who want to be actively involved in Torah learning.


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How WebYeshiva.org Works

To join WebYeshiva.org, all you need is a computer with a broadband internet connection, and speakers or headphones.  (A microphone and a web camera are optional, although recommended, so that you can be seen and heard by the teacher and other class participants). From the comfort of your own home or office, you can log into a virtual classroom where you both can see and hear the teacher and the other students in your class.  In this way, you are able to participate in an interactive session where you can ask questions and engage in your learning. 

Watch this sample class to see what the WebYeshiva.org online, interactive classroom is like:


Click here to download the student manual which gives a detailed explanation of how to use WebYeshiva.org, including registration, signing up for classes, listening to archives and more.


WebYeshiva.org also provides free, live, 24-hour technical support. You can contact technical support by clicking here.


Use these links to view the shiurim offered, our staff and our schedule, and information on tuition and financial assistance.

WebYeshiva.org offers more than just shiurim – it provides a virtual yeshiva community where you can interact, ask questions, and continue to grow in Torah and mitzvot, on your own time and at your own pace. WebYeshiva.org replicates the nurturing and spiritual intensity of a conventional yeshiva or midrasha by incorporating the following elements into its program:

Interactive Shiurim:

By utilizing an easily accessible yet advanced video conferencing program, we enable our students to see and hear each other, as well as the teacher, and to participate fully in our virtual classroom.

Accessing Recorded Archives:

Chazara (review) is fundamental to success and growth in Torah learning. All shiurim are archived online for students to access and review.  Whether you missed a class, or want to review it to reinforce what you learned before moving forward, the shiur archives are available to any student registered in that class.

Ask Questions:

Use the WebYeshiva.org message center to contact the teachers with any questions you may have outside of class.

Chavruta Study:

Please visit TorahTutors.org to find out how you can learn one-on-one with a tutor or learning partner.

When are classes?

WebYeshiva.org classes run throught the day and night. Click here to see the schedule (check the blue box towards the top of the page to adjust the time zone). Register by clicking here and following the instructions on the page. When you are done registering you can add any classes you wish to join or wish to view the archives.

Who can sign up? What levels are the classes?

WebYeshiva.org is for anyone who is interested in a serious Yeshiva and Midrasha program.  While WebYeshiva.org welcomes Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations, it is an Orthodox institution governed in accordance with Halacha.If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, please contact us.   We offer a variety of shiurim at different levels, tailored to a spectrum of students from beginners to advanced learners. As a student of WebYeshiva.org, you will be expected to seriously dedicate yourself to learning and understanding the material. Shiur attendance is essential and class participation is strongly encouraged. It is recommended to prepare and review the class material with a chavruta. You can learn more about WebYeshiva.org by viewing our video. Click here for some more facts about WebYeshiva.org. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

“My area is loaded with learning opportunities, but I can’t get to most of them for various reasons… thank G-d, I stumbled across your site!  Web Yeshiva doesn’t limit me to taking the “traditional women’s courses” and vice versa for the guys. If I can follow the lecture, I can take the course.”

Tehilla Leah, New York


“Living in the middle of nowhere… who would have ever dreamed it would be possible to sit in a real classroom setting on the internet!  The best part of all – is being able to sit in a class with Jews all over the world and learn together.  How exciting and awesome is that!”

Yochana Coleman, Ohio

“It is wonderful to be able to log on, and both see and listen to the Rabbi teach the class. If you take a class live, you can participate in real time by both chatting so all can see, or using a microphone — just like in a real class! …It has been invaluable to me and has added much to my Jewish learning experience.

Sherri Manning, California


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