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Bible Basics Series: Shaul vs David

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Mrs. Osnat Goldman

Bible Basics Series: Shaul vs David

Monday 10:00PM
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Course Description

How can we understand the text of the Torah? In this course we will develop grammar skills which are critical to translating and understanding the Bible. Each story is so much more than meets the eye. When we know how to read the text properly we reach new layers of meaning. This semester we will learn the story of Shaul’s rivalry with David to better understand the story itself and also to grow our skills in Torah study. The course is ideal for newcomers to Biblical text.

About Mrs. Osnat Goldman
Mrs. Goldman has served as an adult educator in Jerusalem for many years in Torah learning centers such as Midreshet Rachel and Aish HaTorah. Through her love of teaching and sharing Torah with others, Mrs. Goldman has developed an innovative and successful method of using basic biblical grammar and textual skills to discover the beauty and intricacies of Torah. Using this method, Mrs. Goldman has created a condensed learning seminar, titled "A Taste of Torah Text,"ᅠwhich hasᅠbeen well receivedᅠin various communities abroad.

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