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Miriam the Prophetess

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Mrs. Sarah Rudolph

Miriam the Prophetess

Wednesday 9:00PM
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Course Description

In recent semesters, we examined the stories of a number of women in “The Bold and the Beautiful.” One major heroine who was not discussed in that course is Miriam. While we have little information about her appearance, Miriam certainly proves herself “bold” time and time again. We will examine some of these stories, through the lens of midrashic literature and classical commentaries, to get to know Miriam more deeply. Attention will be paid along the way to differences in methodology between various interpretations, including in particular how midrashim approach the biblical text to uncover its secrets.

About Mrs. Sarah Rudolph
Sarah Rudolph is a Jewish educator and freelance writer. She has been sharing her passion for Jewish texts of all kinds for over 15 years, with students of all ages. Sarah's essays have been published in a variety of internet and print media, including Times of Israel, Kveller, Jewish Action, and more. Sarah lives in Cleveland with her husband and four children, but is privileged to learn with students all over the world.

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