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Tisha B’Av

Dear {first_name} {last_name},

Thank you for registering for {course_title} at {site_org_name}.

Please click here to view the schedule for WebYeshiva.org\’s Tisha B\’Av 5774 Programing.

While this program is complimentary, we would sincerely appreciate if you could make a small donation to help us cover the costs of the class. Donations can be made here. {site_org_name} aims to provide quality Torah education online to Jewish students around the world. We rely on the generosity of Torah supporters like you to make this a reality.

If you\’re wondering what an online, interactive class is like, don\’t worry, all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and some way to hear sound (speakers, headphones, or a monitor). You can communicate with the instructor via a webcam, microphone, or by typing, or if you prefer, you can just sit back and listen to the lecture. You are also welcome to contact the teacher, {teacher_name} at any time at {host_email}.

To view the student manual, click here. The student manual should help answer any questions you may have about how to participate in a live class with WebYeshiva.org.

Please note that a live audience is invited to attend the first two classes of the day. For details, please view the website here.

We hope you enjoy the classes and benefit from the unique, interactive, Torah learning experience at {site_org_name}. If you have any questions please feel free to contact {site_admin_email}.



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