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WebYeshiva.org aims to provide quality Torah education online to Jewish students around the world. We rely on the generosity of Torah supporters like you to make this a reality.

The WebYeshiva.org team is proud that we are able to provide free Torah classes for you and others around the world, but we need your help to continue working towards our shared goal of making Torah available to everyone.

If you have benefited from WebYeshiva.org’s free courses, please take a few moments to make a donation or dedication to support us in continuing to run our programs. Click here to find out more about dedication and donation oportunities.

WebYeshiva.org sincerely appreciates your donations which help spread Torah to Jews around the world.


United States United States
In NIS (Israeli Shekel) Make your donation payable to: ATID
Send your check to:
9 HaNassi Street
Jerusalem 92188 Israel
For US dollar donations, please make your checks payable to Torah Education in Israel (TEI) and send to:
TEI c/o Gorsetman
2710 Edgehill Ave.
Riverdale, NY 10463TEI is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity in the United States. Charity number #11-2434546.
In the UK, make checks payable to British Friends of ATID and send to:
British Friends of ATID
c/o Guyer
22 Teapot Row
Clocktower Drive
Southsea, Hants PO4 9YAImportant: Click here for more information, and the necessary Gift Aid form.British Friends of ATID is Registered Charity number 1113003.
In Canada donations can be arranged through Mizrachi of Canada. Send your CAN$ donation, payable to Mizrachi Organization of Canada, clearly indicating the gift directed for ATID Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions in Jerusalem, and send to:Mizrachi of Canada
296 Wilson Ave.
Toronto, ON Canada
M3H 1S8

Dedicate a Shiur or Webpage in honor of a loved one at WebYeshiva.org

Donations and sponsorships may be made in memory or in honor of someone. If you would like to dedicate a page on the website or a class at WebYeshiva in honor of a loved one, please contact office@webyeshiva.org.
Click here to find out more about dedication and donation opportunities

Donations to WebYeshiva.org may be made using Ma’aser payments.

If you have any questions please contact the WebYeshiva.org office at office@webyeshiva.org or at 02-567-1719.

Thank you for your support.


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