• December 3, 2020
  • 17 5781, Kislev
  • פרשת וישלח

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Each week join Rabbanit Dr. Tamara Spitz for her Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time course as she reviews the key topics of the previous week’s seven pages. This week we will be finishing Tractate Eruvin. After an introduction to Tractate Pesachim we will learn the first two daf and understand the primary obligation to search for Chametz. To join the weekly live lesson visit Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time.   https://media.blubrry.com/webyeshiva/p/webyeshivamedia.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/632%20Daf%20Yomi%3A%20One%20Week%20at%20a%20Time/632%20Daf%20Yomi%20One%20Week%20at%20a%20Time-20201124%201900-1.mp3Subscribe:

November 22, 2020

PODCAST:The Best of Both Worlds

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What can we learn from pop culture? What is the value of stories, especially the fantasy stories that have become so popular over the last century? Each week, join Rabbi Uri Cohen and discuss the heroes and icons of a popular series (books, films, or comics) and examine it through a lens of Mussar and Torah. Topics include the significance of secret identities in superhero comics, Emunah in Mashiach as expressed in the Matrix films, and
The book of Mishlei is composed of hundreds of diverse Proverbs describing a plethora of scenarios and phenomena. In this course with Dr. Lisa Fredman uncover the central themes of the book and see how Rashi’s commentary brilliantly creates thematic unity and turns Mishlei into a book relevant to the medieval and modern reader. This is the first session. To join the rest of the series please visit HERE  https://media.blubrry.com/webyeshiva/p/webyeshivamedia.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/1077%20Rashi%27s%20Secret%20Wisdom%20A%20Guide%20to%20Proverbs/1077%20Rashis%20Secret%20Wisdom%20A%20Guide%20to%20Proverbs-20201103%201701-1.mp3Subscribe: Android | Spotify | RSS |
Tanach – Bible
Each week join Rabbanit Dr. Tamara Spitz for her Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time course as she reviews the key topics of the previous week’s seven pages, gaining an overview of the entire Talmud while also doing a deeper analysis of one of the core issues in that week’s text. This week we will learn the differences between joining houses with an eruv and joining courtyards in an alleyway and the intricacies of
Talmud   ,
Karen Wasserstein, one of our wonderful Halacha Mastery Program students, recently completed all the course requirements and received her certificate.  A psychologist who specializes in fertility counseling and has a speciality in third party reproduction, she is originally from New Jersey and has lived with her husband and children in Maryland for 22 years. She practices in Maryland and Virginia. “When I turned 40 I looked at my life and wanted to see what pieces
Halacha Mastery Program