• October 1, 2020
  • 13 5781, Tishrei
  • פרשת ויגש

Karen Wasserstein completes Halacha Mastery Program

Karen Wasserstein, one of our wonderful Halacha Mastery Program students, completed all the course requirements and received her certificate recently.  Living in the Boston area, Karen started the program 3 years ago and as is common with our students with professional lives and family responsibilities, she joined the live classes when she could and did the rest on her own time.

The HalachaMastery Program is a special advanced track of study open to men and women committed to a halachic lifestyle with some background in learning Jewish texts.

Developed by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, the Halacha Mastery Program provides the literacy and knowledge of the underlying halachic concepts and principles that stand behind the halachic system and guide modern poskim in determining the law. It emphasizes the importance of knowing practical halacha from the sources: how to recognize when a halachic question arises and how to access an answer and act in such situations, including explaining halachic issues to our children.


Technology & Halacha

Over the millennia various technological advances have posed a challenge to halacha and yet our great sages have always referred back to our age old sources for answers and inspiration.

In our upcoming new Halacha Mastery Program course Technology & Halacha with Rabbi Dovid Fink  challenge your halachic mind by exploring a number of modern practical halachic issues. Journey through the halachic process from the Talmudic sources down through today’s leading poskim. Understand the halachic reasoning behind their conclusions.

The new course starts this November. APPLY HERE