• January 30, 2023
  • 8 5783, Shevat
  • פרשת בא

Sinat Chinam Satire

Sinat Chinam Satire

What does S.Y. Agnon’s satire of baseless hatred teach us about the state of Jewish affairs today? What’s our prospect for repair and return? Join Rabbi Jeffrey Saks as he explores this topic. 

Classes this Tisha B’Av are dedicated in the memory of Nachman ben Gedaliya HaCohen and Miriam bat Avraham by their families.
לע”נ נחמן בן גדליה הכהן ומרים בת אברהם מאת משפחתם

This course is part of the Tisha B’Av Program for 2019 (5779). For the rest of the schedule please click here.

August 11, 2019 8:00 am - 8:50 am
Sinat Chinam Satire: Sinat Chinam Satire Event
Class description

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks is the founding director of ATID – The Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions in Jewish Education, in Jerusalem, and its WebYeshiva.org program. He is the Editor of the journal Tradition, Series Editor of The S.Y. Agnon Library at The Toby Press, and Director of Research at the Agnon House in Jerusalem. A three-time graduate of Yeshiva University (BA, MA, Semicha), Rabbi Saks has published widely on Jewish thought, education, and literature (see www.webyeshiva.org/rabbisaks).